Highly Rate Tuina/Musculoskeletal Therapist

When it comes to recent acute injuries or long standing pain and disability, Xuejun Yu is able to deliver genuine reduction in pain and improvement in body function.

Xuejun Yu has been my musculoskeletal therapist for over four months and employs a Chinese massage technique called Tuina. Initially sceptical, I have noticed an appreciable reduction in long standing knee, lower back and neck pain. Even better, I have found better all round flexibility. I didn’t even realise how much tension I carried in my neck until was able to rotate my neck really well after my initial Tuina session!

This review has been prompted by treatment today for a sprained ankle, done approximately two weeks ago and not settling after massage (by me) and application of heat over this time. I would estimate a 65% improvement after treatment and I can now firmly put my foot down. That’s commendable skill and training!

Tuina here isn’t akin to a pampering spa day or an hour of rubbing oil. This is about problem finding, healing and maintaining good health. This can be a strong finger touch massage, that is at times tender and Xuejun Yu does accommodate to ensure this isn’t painful. I have never felt that Xuejun Yu did not try her best or I would have been better of elsewhere.

Over the years I have tried many mainstream and complementary therapies for sports related injuries and chronic pain. Xuejun Yu is one of only two therapists I would recommend and am keen not to lose. I have even recommended her to close elderly family who have also benefitted.

I hope this review has been useful and helps you to choose a therapist suitable for your needs and wish you good health.