Neck and shoulder tension

I had significant neck and shoulder tension. Having tried various types of massage nothing would relieve it. It even got to the point where I could not move my neck and was in considerable pain whether trying to sleep or even move. After the first session of massage and cupping they were better than they had been for ages! After the second session my neck and shoulders were completely pain free. She also dramatically improved my posture. Also I had not realised that my legs were swollen and retaining fluid – I just thought my legs were that shape! After a couple of sessions my legs were completely transformed, slimmer and actually shapely! I had generally avoided wearing short dresses and now I wear dresses daily and feel far more confident with how I look. Even now it’s as though they are someone else’s legs! I visit weekly as an investment in my health. If I have any twinges, sprains, etc from exercise or general daily grind they are dealt with. Other advantages are improved sleep, digestion and lymphatic drainage.

I would recommend anyone giving traditional Chinese medicine a try! You will wonder why you have not tried it sooner!

Dr Yu is extremely experienced in various forms of traditional Chinese medicine. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I have absolute and complete confidence and trust in her. She simply wants to help people and is purely motivated to just make them better. We are so lucky to have her in Birmingham and cannot recommend her highly enough.