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“I had two operations on my back to correct bulging disks, the first of which trimmed away bone and made my back more unstable. I couldn’t sleep sit or stand for more than 4 hours at a time, and had severe erectile dysfunction due to nerve damage in my lower back – I felt incredibly anxious and unhappy all […]

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“At fifteen my legs suddenly seemed to swell and lose all their shape; I hated my cankles and never wore skirts. At 34 I went to see Sarah for general detox support, and she mentioned she could treat my legs.  I was sceptical – how can you treat cankles? But she did! My legs lost inches in diameter and most […]

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“I had back pain for four years especially getting out of bed in the morning, and my feet wouldn’t bend properly.  I couldn’t bend to pick up my nephew which was a source of sadness. I went to every specialist, tried every doctor and therapist, had custom orthotics made and did Pilates religiously but nothing made a difference. When […]

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“I had cancer of the throat which was successfully treated conventionally, but my tongue and throat were left horribly burned from the radiation therapy.  I couldn’t open my mouth or move my tongue properly and my face was swollen , and I had awful fungal infections with bad breath. Sarah Yu treated me with acupuncture.  After 15 sessions […]

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Comments about fertility “I had been trying for a baby for years and had had several rounds of IVF with no luck.  I went for acupuncture with Sarah Yu prior to IVF treatment, and also had a couple of sessions after implantation. The result was my wonderful daughter – I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful. I kept up treatment […]

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“My 70-year old dad had a heart attack in 2016. After a year he came off most of the medication, but his speech was slurred (we hoped it had been a side effect of the medication), he was walking like an old man, and his left thumb and forefinger were numb and cold. Sarah Yu found that he […]

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Amba said: I came to Sarah when I had widespread joint pain all over my body but mainly in my back.  I also had headaches, recurrent throat infections and severe period pain. It had been very hard to deal with all of this over the previous 7 years. A friend suggested seeing Sarah Yu. Since consulting Sarah Yu […]

Neck and shoulder tension

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I had significant neck and shoulder tension. Having tried various types of massage nothing would relieve it. It even got to the point where I could not move my neck and was in considerable pain whether trying to sleep or even move. After the first session of massage and cupping they were better than they […]

Highly Rate Tuina/Musculoskeletal Therapist

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When it comes to recent acute injuries or long standing pain and disability, Xuejun Yu is able to deliver genuine reduction in pain and improvement in body function. Xuejun Yu has been my musculoskeletal therapist for over four months and employs a Chinese massage technique called Tuina. Initially sceptical, I have noticed an appreciable reduction […]

Facial Palsy

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  The 11-year-old boy suffered from facial nerve palsy. After nearly threeand a half months of treatment by other doctors. Symptoms are reduced by50%. Nothing changed! When I returned to China, his aunt prayed for meto help him and his mother. She is a single mother. The main symptomsare that the face is biased to […]